The world of Deso has overcome much in its past. Currently there are four main continents that make up the world.

Albrook is a large continent in the center, it’s mostly plains and forests.. It’s ruled by mixture of a King and elected senate.. The senate, at this time, has very little power. King Jonas-El VII and his predecessors have all but desolved the senate. Those who do have power are corrupt puppets of the King.

Seromicos is to the south of Albrook and is a harsh desert environment.. It’s ruled solely by the Grand Duke of Seromicos, who makes and enforces all law throughout, as such, the further you get away from the capital, the more lawless Seromicos becomes.. Seromicos’s law system often takes a large amount of time to process through as all criminals must be brought before the Duke.

Eratia is to the east and consists of a series of islands.. Each of the islands has an arbiter on the Eratian High Court, which makes up the governing body. There are currently 11 arbiters, usually the arbiter is the most powerful and wisest Magic-User of their island. Eratia is the largest population of Eladrins in the world and it’s magic is considered the most potent. Though Eratia does not have the largest army in the world, it’s magic is strong enough where it would probably be considered a world power at this time.

The Koronus territiories are a frozen wasteland to the north. The Territories were once a united land under a grand Orc Chieftain named Koronus, however once the Chieftain died, civil war broke out amoungst his many offspring, ending with the Chieftain’s domain being divided amoungst the most powerful. The Territories now have a city-state based structure, all are mostly self sufficient with some loose trade agreements.


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