Braegan Academy


Braegan Academy

The School Grounds

Despite its colorful history, Braegan Academy is a beautiful campus set atop a hill in Albrook with nary a visible blemish from the past. Surrounding the school grounds are a light smattering of woods with beech, birch, and oak trees. A short ways away from the walled academy is the scenic South Bay Road. The campus itself is carefully manicured and always green when the season calls for it. Paths and driveways curve gently and seem to meander through the property, but that’s more a testament to the skill of the landscapers. There are enough trees to soften the terrain without blocking the sightlines, but they also lend a sense of age to the already venerable-looking brownstones. The campus looks like a well-maintained slice of life, but the truth is, it’s a convincing mock-up of the campus that Master Wizard Liam Braegan envisioned, with some extra touches in the way of modern amenities.

The school is divided into three main areas. The first is the school proper with its chateau-style buildings surrounding the main quad on all four sides. Behind it is the second area upon which sits the gardens, three dormitories, and the Administrative Building. Behind that is the third area, a large open field with its tree groves and open green spaces for playing various sports or just sitting and relaxing. Beyond that lie the sport’s field and the Academy’s swimming pool.

Inside the buildings, the same attention to detail and decor remains. The walls are half-paneled using maple and cherry woods, while the floors are made in the rustic style with maple floorboards. Carved plaster ceilings adorn some hallways and rooms, while various paintings hang from walls. Some of the windows are etched, while brass and copper trimmings and fittings can be found throughout the buildings.

The school grounds and the building interiors look very much like the touches of old higher class inns. That’s not to say there isn’t space for the modern touches, but headmaster Trahneir ensured that they were relatively hidden in comparison to the decor. The multi-story buildings contain both stairs and lifts to reach the upper floors.

1. The Main Entrance

From the moment someone approaches the main double gates, they feel engulfed by the portico-style gate tower. The double gates are for carriages, while visitors entering or leaving on foot can use the door set into the gate itself. On the wall next to the entrance is a plaque that reads: “The Braegan Academy for Adventurers, Lähtemään kohti tuntematonta” (“Go Forth Into the Unknown” in Elven, the Academy’s motto).

The double gates open to reveal a parking area with doors leading into the building on either side, and a driveway leading through to the Main Quad. The parking is mainly for teachers and for parents with appointments. Otherwise, the visitor parking lot is outside the main entrance. A security booth at the gate admits visitors or directs them to where they need to go. All visitors must enter through here first.

Spanning either side of the Main Entrance is the Main Foyer, which is discussed in Section 3 of the tour. The building’s second floor corridor runs uninterrupted through the gate tower.

2. The Main Quad

The Main Quad is an open air courtyard surrounded on all four sides by school buildings. A circle of grass is stamped in the middle of the yard; at its center, like a spoke in a wheel, is a statue of a proud-looking Liam Braegan. The Main Quad is the lunch stop for students looking to enjoy a beautiful day or just read, generally under the supervision of two or more teachers. The quad also has wood benches for students to sit and relax during lunch or personal breaks.

3. Main School Buildings

Six buildings form the main academic body of Braegan Academy. They are all connected, and they frame the outskirts of the Main Quad.

Liam Braegan Building

The Main Entrance is attached to the Braegan wing of the academy, on the east side of the Quad. A long, straight corridor opening on either side of the Main Entrance serves as the Foyer’s spine, with school lockers clustered together and interrupted in regular intervals by doors leading to the classrooms, the bathroom, or the stairwell. On one side of the Main Entrance is an office with a counter exposed to the corridor and a waiting area to the side. An Eladrin woman named Ayla is the main secretary who answers all communications (magical or mundane) and greets students and visitors.

Next to the secretaries’ office is the Honor Wall with its inset trophy case filled with various honors and awards. Along the wall itself are the dedication plaques, class-photos, and school memorabilia. This includes trophies, books and personal items, and the school plaque. This wing holds the school’s labs and the music department among its many classrooms. The infirmary is also located here and is under the auspices of Healer Nara. Healer Nara is a human, red-headed beauty, and there are few boys who don’t have a crush on her. The infirmary is better stocked than most given how many students live on campus.

The Aura Moontide Wing

Dedicated to the memory of an Albrook knight who died in the second Dwarven War, the Moontide Wing stands on the north side of the Quad. The Moontide Wing holds more classrooms as well as the different offices of various teachers, the counselors’ offices, and the teacher’s lounge, which is snuggled away from all the heavy foot traffic. The student supply store is also located here; it sells the required textbooks for class and all necessary school supplies.

In the two-story foyer at the center of the wing stands the statue of Aura Moontide, dressed in full armor and cloak, which has been bronzed and is polished regularly. Many students touch the hem of the statues cloak, believing she’s good luck for their tests. Double winding staircases in the foyer lead up to the classrooms on the second floor.


A sizable donation came from the coffers of the enigmatic, unknown figure. Regardless of how it was funded, the library is a prize for any large school, much less one of Claremont Academy’s modest size. The three-story building is one of two along the south of the Quad. It contains many fine volumes and works in its mahogany wood stacks, as well as large study tables; the normally quiet library is made quieter by the carpeted floors.

The library has six sound-proof rooms for study. The third floor is currently off limits, and nothing piques a student’s curiosity like those two words. Nobody has managed to sneak up to the locked third floor, but that’s not for a lack of trying.


The second of two buildings along the Main Quad’s southern facing. The roomy interior of the cafeteria is two-stories high, with rows of long bench tables and a well-stocked kitchen that serves a variety of healthy meals.

The cafeteria serves three square meals a day. On weekends and nights, meals for upper class students are served in the staff restaurant, which was designed to feel more like a traditional restaurant than a cafeteria. On weekends, upper class students are also allowed to order food delivery from the nearby town, which is dropped off at the Main Entrance. With teacher permission (and often escort), students can have meals off the academy campus.

Xion Auditorium

The Xion Auditorium is one of two buildings on the Quad’s west facing. It also doubles as the theater and the weekend play house. The seats are fixed and arranged in amphitheater fashion, while the stage and back area are large enough to handle decent-sized school productions.

The auditorium sees use throughout the week, from school concerts to guest speakers, from school announcements to theater rehearsal and school plays. There are often travelling bards or other entertainment troupes that stop in to perform for the students at Braegan Academy.

Under the auditorium and stage are the hallways and classrooms dedicated to woodshop, art, and prop/set storage. Many students have a hand in crafting props and painting sets for plays for extra-credit or as class assignments. Still, despite the bustle of student life here, nobody likes to be in the auditorium alone. The shadows seem to fidget, and the echoes dance for just a bit too long. The teachers claim it’s an effect of the excellent acoustics, but the students aren’t so sure.

The Mightythumb Gymnasium

Named after the only survivor of the battle with Mad Agis when he was resurrected during the Great Union, the gym is large enough to hold a tournament regulation court as well as the surrounding bleachers. It contains lockers and baths for boys and girls, a training room, equipment storage bins, and the offices of the various coaches.


Although it’s not connected directly to the Main Quad, between the gym and the garden is the chapel. It’s a comfortable place with its doors open throughout the day, hosting a wide variety of religious studies. The chapel has several shrines dedicated to all the good gods that enable a wide assortment of religious students to pray at their leisure. On alternating weeks a priest from one of the various churches in town comes to conduct services.

4. The Administrative Building

The Administrative Building is the brain of the body academy. A scribe works in a small office located near the entrance. She directs visitors to where they need to go, and few people can get by her. Next to her office is a comfortable waiting room for people to sit until someone’s ready to receive them.

The ground floor holds the majority of the offices for the various departments required to run the school, including the orders and supplies desk, the parent/student liaison officer, accounting, and records. The offices of the Headmaster and assistant Headmaster are at the rear of the building, along with the private library. This staff library contains books required to help teachers teach their courses more effectively or the staff to run the academy more efficiently—they include books on various school-related subjects, ways to construct engaging lesson plans, etc, they also contain a number of books labeled as restricted. Only a handful of students are allowed in this library. Finally, the administration lunch room is also located here, with the cafeteria grudgingly delivering hot meals on occasion.

The second floor is reserved for housing certain teachers. The apartments are comfortable suites. The third floor is the Headmaster’s private residence and his sanctuary, to which no one has gained admittance.

The basement contains the school’s storage facilities for school supplies.

4A. Guard Office

Attached to the administrative building is the security office. Two guards are always on call here to respond to problems. The small building includes a scrying room, a small stable with a few horses they use to move about campus quickly, and a room with a comfortable cot for when a guard needs a break.

The scrying pool monitors several buildings throughout the campus through magical sensors placed when the school was first built.

5. The Rylia Amakiir Garden

Surrounded by hedges and a low wall, the beautifully manicured and landscaped Rylia Amakiir Garden is named after an Elven Druid Adventurer. In her life, Rylia went on to become a prominent druid who helped purify various blasted landscapes and drive off unnatural creatures. Many of the unique and strange flowers found in the garden were those found around the world and donated by Rylia, after she deemed them safe for the local flora and fauna.

In addition to the unusual plants, the Garden includes a small Zen garden, rows of perfumed flowers, and benches to sit upon and enjoy the calm air. Elven groundskeeper Terrace Naraestan, one of several people who tend to the large estate, has quite the green thumb when it comes to the garden. He’s always willing to chat with students about plant care, and even runs impromptu lessons for any student who stops by to learn.

6. Scoble Building: Staff Quarters

It takes many people to keep Braegan Academy operational. Not everyone receives an apartment in this building, but teachers, the head of the cleaning staff, and staff chefs do live here… essentially anyone whose services are required almost full-time. The apartments are by no means lavish, but they’re large enough to include a living room, bedroom, private bathroom, and a small eatery. The apartments of the fourth floor are slightly larger and capable of accommodating a family.

The first floor of the building is taken up by the staff restaurant and kitchen, where students and staff dine at tables and order from a prepared menu. The second and third floors are exclusive to the apartments, as is part of the fourth floor. The fourth floor is also reserved for a spacious kitchen with large bay windows, a dining area for those staff-members who enjoy cooking for one another, and a large communal area.

7. Selphie & Kazak Dormitories

The two dormitories were built at different points in the academy’s history, when it was still enjoying some level of popularity. Later, when the creators decided to turn the academy into a co-ed campus, they changed the name of the smaller dormitory to that of a famous high priestess Selphie and designated that the women’s dormitory.

Most of the rooms are double occupancy, meaning freshmen and sophomore students have a roommate. All double occupancy rooms have two beds, two study desks, and two bureaus. Juniors and seniors, however, are given a room to themselves, meaning they have enough space to bring in a couch and coffee table, if they want. One school tradition is that when a senior graduates, he or she leaves behind the couch and table, but not before signing it. Some furniture is covered in signatures, with a treasured few dating back to the days before the Zaes Wars.

All floors have two communal bathrooms for boys and girls. Each floor also has two rooms, one each for a male and a female head boy and girl. These seniors are trained as peer counselors and are often the first stop for students with a problem or who are scared. Serena Vervain is one of the resident assistants.

Each floor has a student lounge. The lounge also has chairs and sofas. Also located on each floor is a small study hall for students to work on their assignments together, though the school library is also open seven days a week for that.

A portion of the basement in both buildings has been turned into larger lounges with some tables to eat on, room for card games, an announcement board, and plenty comfortable seating.

7C. The Dios House

Officially the Dios House has been deemed as overflow housing, but most students treat it as a dumping ground for those students who either cannot control certain powers or for those that are deemed “socially lame.” No student wants to be assigned to the Dios house, despite the fact that it is probably the most comfortable housing on campus.

The large two story structure features a dining room, full kitchen, full bathroom, and a living room downstairs. Most of the furniture is second-hand, and like the dormitory couches, it has been signed and upgraded by various students over the years. The kitchen is fully working and the members in the Dios House can actually cook their own meals if they wish to do so.

The upstairs has been divided into four double occupancy rooms and four single occupancy rooms. There are two well-appointed bathrooms on the upper floor, one for girls and one for boys. Students are in charge of keeping the bathrooms and the rest of the house clean and tidy (some more than others).

The basement of the Dios House has been transformed into a rather well appointed alchemists lab by a few past students. It features a nearly full compliment of modern alchemical tools. The rest of the basement has been given over to a small library of basic books and the left overs of previous students. There are rumors that someone left a brewing still stashed in a basement closet, but if it exists no one has found it yet.

8. Open Field & Groundskeeping

A large open field stretches out behind the dorms. Butternut and fir trees sit on perfectly manicured and landscaped lawns, while the Groundskeeping cabin lays nestled in a clutch of trees. During late spring, summer, and early fall, when the weather is perfect, students with rooms facing the field keep their windows open, play music, and go out to play or hang with their friends.

During lunch hour and after school, you’ll find students here reading, talking, playing games, or throwing a ball. On weekends, students might sunbathe or pursue some other leisurely activity. Many students spend their entire Saturday alternating between the field and the pool. At night, you might catch two lovers hidden in the shadow of a tree, making out, though the teachers seem to have a sixth sense about these sorts of things and manage to pass by at the right time.

The Groundskeeping cabin is a combination apartment for the groundskeeper, an office/lounge for the gardeners, and a supply shed with a garage for the riding mowers and other supplies.

8A. Pool

The swimming pool enjoys usage from spring through late fall, thanks to magic that warms the air around the pool. No swimming is allowed without a lifeguard on duty, which is usually one of the certified students or teachers, but the pool is almost always open between the last class and dinner time, and always during the weekend. Once a month, the teachers and students gather to roast meals in a fire pit near the Athletic Field.

The pool includes a small shed for the pool supplies and changing rooms.

8B. Athletic Field

Braegan Academy

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