Albrook is known for its greenery. It has many great forests and grasslands.


Albrook has had more than it’s fair share of disasters. Most of it revolves around the conflicts during the First Dwarven War and the Great Union. The gates of Thorvarin are in Albrook, which caused Albrook to become the first target of the Dwarves. The battles were fierce but Albrook has always stood up to the challenges and come out stronger than ever, mostly due to their monarchs of the time.

King Jorian was one of the first of note, he managed to unite with the Elves and, with their assistance, drove the Dwarves back through the gates of Thorvarin and sealed them, putting an end to the first Dwarven War. He then ushered in a new age of enlightenment for Albrook, bringing forth the Magical Revolution.

The child Queen Tiah took the throne at age 14 only a few years before the gates of Thorvarin reopened and the second Dwarven War began. Tiah was born under the sign of the Gods, which is why she was ushered into becoming the queen so soon. The ruler before her was King Kell, Kell was not known for his ability to make great decisions and was a selfish, cruel and, some would say, mad man. When he had learned of Tiah and her destiny to become a great ruler, he moved to have her imprisoned. She still spoke out against him and thousands of people sent pleas for her release. The Albrook senate fought on her behalf, which was the only thing that prevented her from being executed. Still the king managed to keep her imprisoned, calling her the Queen of Chains. Despite his attempts to discredit her, she became a legend and King Kell was quickly losing his position on Albrook. Albrook was falling into a deep depression and people were demanding change. Many made a pilgrimage to the Albrook Dungeons to see the Queen of Chains, and those who spoke to her found she never complained about her position and the suffering she was forced to endure. She would smile at those who visited her and her touch would warm their hearts and give them hope.


Albrook is ruled by King Jonas-El VII and the Albrook Senate. The Albrook senate at this thime holds very little power as most of it’s important members are either paid off or simply fear the king.

King Jonas-El
The seventh king to bear the name Jonas-El, he descended from the man that took command of Albrook and put an end to the Zaes Wars.


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