Scales of War, Part 5, 9/20/10

The adventure started out with the new party in the marketplace of Overlook. The party consisted of Ezhelya, the Githzerai Avenger of the Prophet Quinn, Kassim, the Genasi barbarian, Kettenbar, the Wilden Shaman. Morthos, the Tiefling pyromancer, was missing at this time.

The party was immediately approached by the Dwarven Paladin they met during the Seige of Bordrin’s Watch, Kalad. Kalad had joined the town guard and had been a constant source of information for the party. The dwarf informed the group that a girl named Alys was sent from Brindol with a message for them, but he had no idea where she was currently at. As such, the party began to search for her, quesitoning the locals and following a trail of clues to the Temple District of Overlook and an abandoned temple of the Sun God, just as the light rain began to fall. Along the way, they also met Gilgathorn, Thorn to his friends, an elven mercenary who let the party know that the kidnappers were the Lost Ones, a gang that the party had tangled with some months back. Also, Thorn told them that there was a hefty bounty on their heads, so they’d best watch themselves.

Kassim kicked open the door and the party engaged the Lost Ones, defeating them once again and rescuing Alys. Alys gave them the message they found to be from Sertanian, castellan of the Hall of Valor back in Brindol, asking the party to come back as soon as possible.



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